Destination Information


We bask in 310 days of sunshine and are blessed with a mild, dry climate and four distinctly beautiful seasons. Albuquerque lies at an elevation of over 5,000 feet and enjoys a high desert climate. Days are generally sunny and warm but as the sun sets, the temperature falls. Be aware that low humidity and lots of sunshine means visitors need to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water as well as using lotion and sunblock for protection.

Average high temperature: 92°F / 33°C 

Average Low Temperature: 61°F / 16°C.  


Electric power is standardized in all states across the USA. It is set at 110 Volts and 60 cycles. Standard electric plugs have two flat blades. The plugs on some newer appliances have a third, round grounding pin. 

Currency Exchange

Albuquerque does not offer currency exchange at the Albuquerque International Airport or in local banks. The best way to obtain US Dollars is through a direct withdrawal from an ATM.  


Under current legislation, smoking has been banned in all public areas and workplaces, including enclosed restaurants, pubs, and bars. There are substantial penalties in place for those found to be in breach of these regulations.


New Mexico has rather strict alcohol laws so plan on being asked for your identification (driver’s license or passport) no matter how old you are, this includes restaurants and at all conference events.  Please note that alcohol is not permitted in any of the dorms on campus. 


New Mexico is on Mountain Standard Time.